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You can book a telephone or video consultation with the doctor during the weekend. A telephone or video consultation is full consultation including a medical prescription if necessary. If you still want to consult the doctor in person after this consultation, a separate appointment can be made for this.

You can cancel your appointment up to 12 hours before your appointment time.

For changes of your scheduled date and time, we ask you kindly to reach out to our assistant. Call +31 20 308 6226 to reschedule your appointment very easily. You will receive a confirmation by email.

At all our clinic, a standard doctors appointment is 10 minutes, which is usually plenty of time for most health issues. However, should you require more, that is no problem at all. The different services we provide, require appointment times that may vary. Our walk in clinic can also accept last minute appointments if necessary. You can book your appointment now online.

European Health Insurance Card and AON Student Insurance cover practice consultations costs. Other cost such as medical treatments provided by our clinic are well covered by the most travel-, health- and expat insurances.

Most international debit- and major credit cards as well as cash (euro) are accepted in our practice. You will receive well documented receipts for submitting reimbursement request at your insurance.

Yes, we provide afterwards the necessary receipts for your insurance reimbursement request. It is important to know that European Health Insurance Card and AON Student Insurance cover our practice consultations. Generally costs for medical treatments provided by Thetouristdoctors.com are covered by most travel-, health- and expat insurances worldwide. If you have any question please submit them via our contact page.

Our rates start at €49 for consultations* It depends on the type of consultation and medical procedures.
* Based on the regulations of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

No, we use an online booking system for our appointments. You can schedule an appointment online in a few steps at very short notice. This will take less than 5 minutes.

We would urge you to either book an appointment with our doctors or call our clinic for consultation.